Happiness and Peace Ritual Set

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Draw health, peace and joy into your life!

The beauties waiting for you will come into your life when you want them to. If you are here and reading this article, now is the time.

Cleanse and purify the energy in your home, office or studio with this handmade ritual set specially prepared for you.

If your life energy is low or you constantly feel unhappy, this kit will help you.
Self-care is important, but like everything else, it's about consistency. These mini movements that you will do regularly, not once a year, will make you feel good.

The Ritual Kit includes sage and lavender incense, palo Santo wood, amethyst and citrine crystals.

What is Fuming?
One way to energetically clear a space to invite positive energy is to use incense. When you fumigate an area, you burn plant material, and the smoke fills and purifies the environment.

My beautiful kit makes the perfect gift for a new homeowner, birthday gift, Mother's Day gift, agency gift or just for yourself.

This cleaning kit includes:
1 Sage and Flower Incense (FLOWER COLORS MAY VARY)
1 Palo Santo Stick
1 Amethyst Crystal
1 Citrine Crystal
1 Evil Eye Printed Cotton Bag
1 Gift Box

Usage and Crystal description Cards

Sage incense:

It can disperse negative energy, improve mood and strengthen intuition. It energetically cleanses and protects while elevating your mood and morale. Use this kit to cleanse yourself, your home, office, or any sacred space or object, clearing old energies and inviting new blessings into your life and home.

Palo Santo:

Sacred Forest; It has incredible spiritual and emotional healing and connecting properties and also heals the physical body of a variety of ailments. Palo Santo has traditionally been used as a cleanser and purifier, having a surprising effect on one's emotional chemistry. The oil relieves anxiety, depression, and emotional pain and suffering. Palo Santo has a calming effect on the immune and nervous systems, allowing you to recover from illnesses more easily and recover faster. Smoke has been used for many years to relieve colds, flu, asthma and headaches. Palo Santo is a powerful antioxidant as it has the highest amount of d-limonene (60-70%) among all tree oils. Part of the same botanical family as Frankincense and Myrrh, Palo Santo shares many of the same amazing spiritual benefits. Palo Santo is a high frequency essential oil that raises one's vibration to the Divine Presence. The oil also works with the Sacral chakra, increasing creativity and balancing sexual energy. Palo Santo can be used during any yoga or meditation practice as the oil will strengthen one's connection with God. Extremely healing physically, mentally and spiritually, Palo Santo oil affects the various upper and lower chakras on many different levels.

It is perfect for meditating and setting your positive intentions, as it has a calming and relaxing effect and promotes emotional focus, peace and spiritual wisdom. It can help calm emotions by reducing fear and anger and filling the user with more positive emotions. Amethyst healing stones calm the owner. This improves their mental abilities. Leaving amethyst crystal clusters at work or at home can help with stress, depression, and anxiety.

A happy stone that represents your enthusiasm and joy for life. It creates a feeling of inner calm and emotional balance.

Your stone will come to you with its pouch. When you first receive the stone, you need to clean it, this cleaning process will remove the bad energy on it. For cleaning, you can wash it under water or smoke it with sage and palo Santo.
You can keep your stone with its case in your bag, on your desk or on your bedside. Wash the stone periodically or perform energy cleansing with incense.

Benefits of Incense:
White Sage is an ancient ritual practiced by many cultures around the world. Using the healing and cleansing energies of the sacred sage plant, you can purify an object, room, or person with this revered sacred herb.
Feel clearer and lighter, improve your mood, reduce stress, restore balance and increase intuition. It is also said that White Sage can clear bacteria in the air for up to 24 hours, strengthen memory and quicken the senses.

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Precious and Semi-precious gemstones, sage and lavender have been used for spiritual, emotional and physical healing since recorded history and likely before. Healers all over the world use them. Please note that Crystal and spot Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to compliment and enhance it. It cannot be used for prescription, diagnostic or treatment purposes. The information given is purely metaphysical in nature and not medical in any way. Crystal Healing is not a standalone therapy, it is part of a holistic healing approach. By using this site and related materials, you acknowledge and agree that you assume personal responsibility for any use or misuse of this information.

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